How to Enrol? / Enrolment Process
Immigration bhanioverseas October 13, 2022
Profile Assesment
Meet with experts
Apply Application
Profile Assessmen
Meet – The Experienced Counsellors
Our team of adroit/competent counsellors assists students in their quest towards fulfilling their career aspirations. We assist them in evolving vital career skills as well as in pinpointing the puny areas hindering their performance and escort them in picking the best universities to commensurate with the course selection.
Demo Class
Understand the teaching methodology – We have designed a training module that includes the use of lecturing, group or small brainstorming activities and engrossing students as much as possible by using numerous modes within a single lecture or over the course of assorted lectures.
Apply – Application & Scholarship
We assist you understand everything about the baffling process of applying into a particular college and getting a scholarship for studying abroad. Some scholarships call for students to apply for them separately while others don’t crave an additional application.
Profile Assessment & Visa Advice
We evaluate a student’s overall fundamental eligibility to migrate & study overseas which includes age, skillset, and financial ability, eligibility to work, settle or study. Depending upon the requisitioned country and type of visa required, we mentor them through the process of skills assessment.
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